Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio management services

Portfolio management services, commonly called as a PMS, refers to a professional financial service in which skilled and experienced portfolio managers and stock market experts tend to manage equity portfolio. They seek help from their experienced research team. While several investors have equity portfolios in demat account, managing those investments can be a challenge. PMS is referred to a systematic approach to optimize returns while minimising risk factor on investments. Investment portfolio can be diversified across sectors and industries and such services can be customised, structured and tailored to meet investment objectives depending upon risks, rewards and goals of an investor.

Since PMS provides customized equity options, an investor is required to have a large sum of money to invest. On the basis of a thorough understanding of businesses, a portfolio manager focuses on improving investor's gains. Portfolio manager needs to have a clarity of investor's risk and reward expectations to use appropriate and suitable strategy.

There are 4 popular types of PMS-Active portfolio management, Passive portfolio management, Discretionary portfolio management, and non-discretionary portfolio management. In active portfolio management, portfolio manager's primary focus is on maximising returns. Under this, portfolio manager reduces risk of the investments as he/she diversifies them across asset classes and industries.

Passive portfolio management focuses on fixed profiles which are in line with current market trend. Under this, portfolio managers invest in index funds that grow passively over time. While there is minimal intervention, it provides reasonable long-term returns.

In discretionary portfolio management, portfolio manager is provided with full flexibility to make decisions for the investor. On the basis of individual goals, risk appetite and time-frame, the manager adopts appropriate strategy which can be best suited. Charges for such managed funds tend to be higher due to higher involvement in decision making.

Non-discretionary portfolio management is referred to that method in which portfolio managers offer suggestion and advise. In this, the final decision is made by the investor.

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Which type of investor prefer portfolio management services?

Since active portfolio management targets to generate higher returns in comparison to the benchmark index, investors having higher risk appetite and who seek higher capital gains choose for active portfolio management. On the other hand, passive portfolio management is chosen by the investors who want returns in line with the benchmark index. Such investors tend to have a lower risk appetite in comparison to the investors opting for active portfolio management. They are satisfied with reasonable level of returns.

Investment solutions offered by PMS cater to niche segment of clients. These clients can be individuals or institutions entities having high net worth. PMS products are usually suitable for investors who look for investment in different asset classes such as equity, fixed income, structured products etc. and investors who desire personalised investment solutions. These products can also be chosen by investors who desire long-term wealth creation and those who appreciate higher service levels.

How VSRK Capital can help?

VSRK Capital can use its knowledge and expertise to construct personalized PMS which will help achieve financial goals of clients in the long run. We further check in with our clients on a regular basis to re-evaluate and re-assess current financial situation and future goals and then take appropriate action.

Since PMS services are for investors who plan to achieve their long-term goals, VSRK Capital’s experienced and seasoned portfolio managers can help in bridging the gap. VSRK Capital works closely with its clients to help them understand their assets and long-term financial goals.

VSRK Capital can assure that the investment strategies used in PMS services are aligned according to the objective and client’s risk appetite. We do this by analyzing market trends and identifying new opportunities for investments.

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