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VSRK Capital serves its clients with Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs) too. These investments are primarily for HNI and institutions who want to invest for a long-term. Focus here is not on conventional asset classes like equity, bonds, etc., but on hedge funds, infrastructure funds, etc. While this investment is for investors having high risk appetite, these investments can fetch strong returns.

Know about VSRK Capital-Researched Diversified Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds give diversification to the portfolio and investors can avail the benefits from different risk-return profiles. VSRK Capital provides services that democratize investing in mutual funds. Entire focus remains on making investing simple and beneficial.

Unbiased Solutions that suits your need

At VSRK, we do not sell products, we advise solutions. We tailor our plans in a way that best suits your personality & investment style

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When we grow, we grow together

Our revenue and success are determined by our investor’s success. This philosophy is rarely found with traditional agents.

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Each client gets an online access to their portfolios, irrespective of if you invest online or not. Just login to VSRK portfolio account.

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All our expert are specialised in the field of Finance and having an experience of 12 years+ in the industry


VSRK Capital Pvt. Ltd.

VSRK Capital Private Limited was incorporated on 8th November 2013 with the name of VSRK Wealth Creator Pvt. Ltd. has been performing its rituals of enhancing the wealth of its huge client base with its expert personnel and knowledge of both traditional and modern Financial Products under Investment guidance Services to ensure a smooth and amazing satisfaction.

Under the guidance of Lt. Shri R.K. Agrawal, who served as the President with utmost responsibility. He boosted the strength & potential of the company by many folds by amalgamating the clients and AUM of M/S Agrawal Investments Consultants. His Vision to build-up a team of exuberant, enterprising and dynamic professionals, certified by the AMFI, NISM and IRDA, working collectively towards a common goal of offering the best for its clients.

We are a boutique Company, of independent financial service provider, that offers financial planning and portfolio investment management advice to a variety of clients whether HNIs, Corporate houses or other consulting firms under one umbrella. We stand a class apart known for our dynamic work commitments. We have placed ourselves as the creator and multiplier of proactive investment solutions that adds opulence to the investor’s portfolios. Our aim is to assist in achieving individual and family financial goals. We make use of all updated technology to provide the market information before time to make the right decision at the right time to suit investment needs.

Awards & Achievements

Under the charismatic leadership of R.K. Agarwal, the company has been felicitated with numerous awards.

Some of the most prestigious awards for our accomplishments are listed below:

We were No.1 Pan India in Distribution of UTI Mutual Fund products in IFA Category for the year 2009-2010

We are the Platinum Club Members (Highest category) in Reliance Mutual fund, UTI Mutual Fund, ICICI Mutual Fund & HSBC Mutual Fund.

We were No. 1 Pan India in IFA Category in HDFC–MIP Long Term Scheme for the year 2009- 2010.

OUR Team

Meet Our Team

The team at VSRK Capital is comprised of experienced professionals who are ready to help you reach your financial goals.

Lt. Shri R.K. Agarwal

Lt. Shri R.K. Agarwal

Promoter & President

The charismatic, harmonious, supportive, and encouraging personality was managing his firm “Agrawal Investment Consultants” (Among one of the India’s Top 10 Independent Financial Advisor, Pan India) since 2006. His name appeared several times in India’s financial newspapers for procuring the highest business Pan India and for his vantage point. He was managing around 1200 Cr. of AUM and around 5000 clients under Mutual funds. Around 500 Cr. in asset classes such as PMS, AIF and Tax Free Bonds were managed under his guidance. He has shared his expertise at a Senior Position in Unit Trust of India, Bajaj Capital, V S Infrastructure Ltd. and LKP Shares & Securities Ltd. before starting his own venture in April 2006. He has served 31 crucial years of his life for the upliftment & awareness of the financial industry. His experience will go a long way to create wealth for the Investor. He has been conferred with many prestigious awards by AMCs and was nominated for CNBC TV 18 best Independent Financial Advisor award.

Smt. Sangeeta Aggarwal

Smt. Sangeeta Aggarwal


A home-maker who took initiative & became a back-bone to her husband and promoter of an investment firm named “Agarwal Investment Consultants” and transforming into a trusted name among Financial World.  She had the will-power to learn and achieve whatever life threw at her. Since 2013, she keeps guiding VSRK team with her learning and experiences with Mr. R. K. Agarwal. She keeps motivating by saying, “Try and work hard, you will definitely reap the benefits”.

Swapnil Aggarwal

Swapnil Aggarwal


He truly believes that his father has played an instrumental role in the development of the financial industry and a key role in shaping his life journey. And with this, he aims to take the legacy to the next level. The young, energetic & dynamic entrepreneur who joined as the promoter of the Company has sincerely took the responsibility of initiation for the innovative growth of the Company with the aim to touch new skies of the industry. His core involvement in the day to day marketing initiative has not only grown the AUM with the existing clients but added a lot of HNIs, Corporate Clients and Retails Clients to the VSRK family under his umbrella. He has been instrumental in developing the business associative channel. His vision to create the company equipped with technology which could give access to clients to transact through mobile application at any point of time with great ease. Client’s financial satisfaction and security are his mantra to achieve success in the industry.

Karishma Advani

Karishma Advani

Vice President- Operational

She has a collective experience of 8 years and since the joining in 2017, she has been performing well in delivering her duties which includes collaborating with senior management to formulate strategy, designing policies that align with implementing efficient processes and standards of the regulatory bodies. She is actively managing contracts and relations with customers, vendors, partners etc. Oversees expenses and budgeting to help the organization optimize costs and benefits. Mentor and motivate teams to achieve productivity and engagement.



Grow your money with regular investments through our SIP service. With VSRK Capital, you can make the most of your money.

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Daily inspiration, tips, and coaching to reach your financial goals


What People Say About Us

VSRK CAPITAL is a trusted name in the industry. Our client reviews speak for themselves. We have a long history of providing excellent service and earning the trust of our clients.

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Financial planning means taking a comprehensive look at the financial situation and making up a specific financial plan to reach the goals. Thus, the area of financial planning is quite vast. It often delves into several areas of finance, such as investing, managing taxes, savings, retirement, etc.

Mutual fund means a professionally-managed investment scheme which is usually run by asset management company which brings together a group of people and invests money in stocks, bonds and some other financial securities. To be precise, a mutual fund company helps in pooling money from a range of investors and then invest the amount in different asset classes.

Another myth is that stock market investments are only for experts. However, investing in stock market is not reserved for certain group of people. Anyone can participate in the investing world and make the most of its benefits. Investments require an understanding of the stock market and spotting the right kind of shares. However, process of learning is continuous and develops with time. Investing in stock market favours preparation. Thus, such investments are open to anyone who have a strong interest.

Most individuals think that they are better off investing their money than purchasing insurance of any kind. This is completely wrong. Each investment vehicle has its own advantages. Insurance coverages of some sort are of utmost importance. Individuals end up taking a big chance when they depend only on the investments in early years of life, especially if there are dependents.
But why do these myths occur in the minds of individuals? Is it because they end up making losses when the prices slump or is it simply the word of mouth? Well, we believe that its lack of financial literacy due to which such myths take place.

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